Littérature de l'imaginaire de A à Z


Ben, Série Rivers of London

  1. Rivers of London
  2. Moon Over Soho
  3. Whispers under Ground
  4. Broken Homes
  5. Fowglove Summer
  6. The Hanging Tree

ADAMS Douglas, Série Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
  1. The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
ALBERT Melissa, The Hazel Wood

ALPHEN Pauline, Série des Éveilleurs
  1. Salicante
  2. Ailleurs

BACCALARIO Pierdominico, Série Ulysse Moore
  1. La clef du temps
BAUM Lyman Frank, The Wizard of Oz

BEATY Erin, Série The Traitor's circle

  1. The Traitor's kiss

BRAY Libba, Série Gemma Doyle
  1. A great and terrible beauty
BRIGGS Patricia, Série Mercy Thompson
  1. Moon Called
  2. Blood bound
  3. Iron kissed
  4. Bone crossed
  5. Silver borne
  6. River marked
  7. Frost burned
  8. Night broken
  9. Fire touched

BROADWAY, Alice, Série Ink
  1. Ink (marqué)

BUTCHER Jim, Série Dresden Files
  1. Storm front
  2. Fool moon

 Gail, Série Parasol Protectorate
  1. Soulless
  2. Changeless
  3. Blameless
  4. Heartless
  5. Timeless
CARSON LEVINE Gail, Ella enchanted

CHARBONNEAU, Joelle, Série Eden
  1. Dividing Eden
CLARE Cassandra, série The infernal devices
  1. Clockwork angel 
CLAYTON Dhonielle, The Belles

COLFER Eoin, Série Artemis Fowl
  1. Artemis Fowl
  2. The Artic Incident
  3. The eternity code
  4. The Opal deception
  5. The lost colony
  6. The Time paradox
  7. The Atlantis Complex
  8. The Last Guardian
COLLINS Suzanne, Série The Underland chronicles
  1. Gregor the overlander
COLLINS Suzanne, Série Hunger Games
CONNOLLY John, The book of lost things


 Damian, Série History Keeper
  1. The Storm Begins
DICK Philip K, Total Recall

DICK Philip K, Blade runner

 Michael, L'histoire sans fin

 Jasper, Série Thursday Next
  1. The Eyre affair
  2. Lost in a good book
  3. The Well of Lost plots
  4. Something rotten
  5. First among sequels
  6. One of our Thursday is missing
  7. The woman who died a lot
FFORDE Jasper, Série Nursery Crime Division
  1. The big over easy
  2. The Fourth bear
FFORDE Jasper, Série The Dragonslayer
  1. The last Dragonslayer
  2. The song of the Quarkbeast
  3. The Eyes of Zoltar
  4. Humans V. Trolls
GAIMAN Neil, Coraline

GAIMAN Neil, The Graveyard book

GARCIA Kami, STOHL Margaret, Série Caster chronicles
  1. Beautiful creatures

 Deborah, Série  All souls
  1. A discovery of witches
HARRIS Robert, Fatherland

 Susan, Série La Société des S
  1. La société des S
  2. Le Temps des disparitions
  3. La saison des dangers
JACKA Benedict, Série Alex Verus
  1. Fated
JAMES Vic, Série Dark gifts
  1. Gilded cage (les puissants) 

JONES Darynda, Série Charley Thompson
  1. First grave on the right
  2. Second grave on the left
  3. Third grave dead ahead
  4. Fourth grave beneath my feet
  5. Fifth grave past the light
  6. Sixth grave on the edge
  7. Seventh grave and no body
  8. Eighth grave after dark
  9. The dirt on ninth grave
  10. The curse of tenth grave
  11. Eleven grave in moonlight

George R.R., Série A song of ice and fire
  1. A Game of thrones
  2. A clash of Kings
  3. A Storm of swords
  4. A feast of crows
  5. A dance with dragons
MAAS, Sarah J., Série A court of Thorns and roses
  1. A court of Thorns and roses

MEYER Marissa, Série The Lunar chronicles
  1. Cinder
  2. Scarlet
  3. Cress
  4. Winter
MONING Karen Marie, Série Fever
  1. Darkfever
  2. Bloodfever
  3. Faefever
  4. Dreamfever
  5. Shadowfever
  6. Iced
  7. Burned
  8. Feverborn
MORGAN Richard, Série Takeshi Kovacs

 Natasha, Girls of paper and fire

NIFFENEGGER Audrey, The time traveler's wife

NOVIK Naomi, Uprooted (Déracinée)


O'DONNELL Cassandra, Série Rebecca Kean
  1. Traquée
  2. Le Pacte de sang
  3. Potions macabres
  4. Ancestral
  5. L'armée des âmes
  6. Origine 

 Pierre, Série Les lames du Cardinal
  1. Les larmes du Cardinal
  2. L'alchimiste des ombres
  3. Le dragon des arcanes


 Rick, Série Percy Jackson
  1. The Lightning Thief
  2. The sea of monsters
  3. The Titan's curse
  4. The battle of the labyrinth
  5. The last Olympian
RIORDAN Rick, Série Heros of the Olympus
  1. The lost Hero
  2. The son of Neptune
  3. The Mark of Athena
  4. The House of Hades
  5. The Blood of Olympus
RITTER William, Série Jackaby

  1. Jackaby

ROWLING J.K., Série Harry Potter
  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  6. Harry Potter and Half-blood Prince
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    SCHWAB Victoria E., Série Shades of magic
    1. A darker shade of magic
    2. A gathering of shadows
    3. A conjuring of light
    SHUSTERMAN Neal, série The Arc of a Scythe (La Faucheuse)
    1.  Scythe
    2. Thunderhead

    SLADE Arthur, Série The Hunchback assignments
    1. The Hunchback assignments
    STEPHENS John, Série The Books of Beginning
    1. The Emerald Atlas
    2. The fire chronicle
    3. The Black reckoning
    STROUD Jonathan, Série Lockwood and Co
    1. The screaming staircase
    2. The whispering skull
    3. The hollow boy
    4. The creeping shadows
    5. The empty grave
    STROUD Jonathan, Série Bartimaeus sequence
    1. The Amulet of Samarkand
    2. The Golem's eye
    3. Ptolemy's Gate
    4. The ring of Solomon

    TAYLOR Laini, Série Strange the dreamer
    1. Strange the dreamer
    2. The muse of nightmares


     Diana, Série Les Mondes de Chrestomanci
    1. Charmed life
    2. The magicians of Caprona
    3. Witch week
    4. The lives of Christopher Grant
    5. Conrad's fate
    WYNNE JONES Diana, Série Howl's moving castle
    1. Howl's moving castle
    2. Castle in the air
    3. House of many ways